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•  41 MM inhabitants
•  127 languages
•  GDP 415 $/head
•  Ranked # 151 poorest countries in the world



•  82 MM inhabitantsEinwohner
•  GDP 44.660 $/head
•  Ranked # 6


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Moshi District

Moshi is located in the Northeast of Tanzania close to Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Kenyan border.


Moshi close to Mount Kilimanjaro


Africa - Tanzania and Kenya - Moshi


Map of Moshi


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The Tanzanian School System - Insights

Education, training and education are centralized in Tanzania. They are controlled by three different ministries:

Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC)
Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Demosthenes)
Prime Minister's Office

MOEC monitors and coordinates all training programs.

Since 1978, there is a compulsory education for children in the age of 7 to 13. The education system ranges from nursery school to university. The respective curricula are developed centrally. However, it's the plan to decentralize the task of education in the future. Local level authorities and school management will be involved.

Although the education system should be developed, government spendings have been reduced from 1994 to 2004. For 2009/2010 the budget plan forsees an increase up to 22%. The budget covers basic education (73%), while only 6.6% are related to secondary education. 17.4% of the household will cover needs at the universities, 3% are provided for the training of teachers.

The enrollment rate is now at 95%, ie approximately, 8.5 million children attend primary school. Although primary schools are located across the board, the facilities are often inadequate. The buildings are in poor condition. Between 50 and 100 students share a classroom, and 5 - 6 students a class bank. Teaching materials are missing across the country.


"The Tanzanian school system, Angela Müller-Mbwilo, Habari June, 2009 "



The Nursery School

Voluntary, private and public institutions offering a 2 year preschool. The language is Swahili.


The Primary School

Compulsory education. Mainly supported by the government. No school fees required. English is given as a subject. The duration of primary school is 7 years and finishes in an examination: the Primary School Leaving Examination.


The Secondary School Ordinary Level

With a good school report and after passing the selection process, the Secondary School can be visited for a period of 4 years. These schools are both governmental, and private. Often there is segregation and often boarding accommodation. The school language is English. When completed, the Certificate of Secondary School Exam (CSSE) will be acquired.


The Secondary School Advanced Level

The visit of the extended secondary school is possible for another 2 years after passing the secondary school (Ordinary Level). Often, there are also boarding accommodation. After the end of this education step, the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Exam allows to visit a University.


The University

Tanzania has 5 public universities. These are either public or private. The attendance is free and the state supports cost of living. The duration of university education is at least 3 years.