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Our sponsors

For the accomplishment of our projects we are supported by the following partners (in alphabetical order):


The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has co-funded several of our projects in the past, up to 75% of total project costs have been covered by BMZ. The co-financing of our current water supply project for the Msareni Primary School has been agreed by the BMZ recently.

For the current and future funding allocations of the BMZ, we say many thanks.
Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung


We we are happy that the airline carrier Condor supports our work with discounted air tickets to Tanzania. Thanks to that support, we can regulary control the progress of our projects in person on the ground and remove potential barriers in the execution process. In addition, this support gives us the opportunity to invite people from Tanzania to Germany. This promotes cultural exchange and enriches the people on both continents.




The mail order Pharmacy DocMorris is supporting our projects.

DocMorris funded first aid kits for all our project schools covering first aid equipment and medicines such as paracetamol, vitamins and more. Moreover, our personal first aid travel kits to Tanzania are provided by DocMorris too.

For this support, we say Thank you!


Eden Springs S.A.

With activities in 18 countries, Eden Springs is the leading provider of water and coffee solutions for offices and homes in Europe. The Eden Springs Group has a long standing CSR commitment called “Every Drop Counts”, to support both the environment as well as community development. Since 2011 Eden has funded a number of People Help People-One World projects including:

·         Providing permanent access to clean water and the building of sanitary installations in the Mikocheni Day care center in Tanzania; 

·         Providing textbooks, first aid kits and school supplies to secondary schools in Kitandu, Tanzania, via COSES;

·         Supporting construction of clean water wells in the Wakiso district of Uganda.

For more information on the company, please see www.edensprings.com.





is a leading service partner for marketing and sales of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and functional food products and belongs to the global Celesio group. Our COSES project will be supported by the provision of sports equipment. Most recently footballs and volleyballs for 7 Secondary Schools in the Uru District.






City of Idstein

The city of Idstein since 1 January 1987 supporting member of our organization, is financially supporting our projects on an annually basis.

We also get support for our public relations activities at events such as the "market of nations".

For this long-standing support, we thank you very much.




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