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Mikocheni Day Care Center

It takes nearly a 2 hour bus ride to get from Moshi town to the Community of Mikocheni. It's a forgotten and impoverished area suffering from frequent droughts or torrential rains. People are poor, often living below subsistence. A bit of fishing, livestock and agriculture helps to survive.

Approximately 80% of the population can not read or write. Many children, living in different ethnic groups, have only a limited chance for education.

In particular the Maasai and Suaheli children are underprivileged. The Emburis Community and Education Center and Mikocheni Day Care Center aim to improve the level of education in a sustainable way.

With the construction of sanitation facilities and access to clean drinking water, we have significantly improved the living and hygiene standards. Thus we've met the requirements that the Day Care Center is now formally registered by the state.

In the execution phase of the project, local Maasai people helped with all their strength:



Inspection of progress on site:  


Having finished this project, we've build a play ground, that creates a lot of fun for children and adults too:



Next we will set up a special room for disabled children, we've already purchased wheel-chairs, special toys and dishes. Furnitures will follow.

Some latest impressions:




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