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Arts is Peace, Arts is Power!


In northern Uganda, future hope was destroyed for many children. The disastrous war led by the Lord's Resistance Army has created an unbelievable tragedy. Many of the child soldiers and their children suffer from diseases, since no adequate medical care in early childhood, such as preventive vaccination was ensured. Visiting a school or the start of a training was impossible. The trauma of war is just omnipresent in Gulu and shows up in widespread alcohol and drug abuse, violence and rape, HIV / AIDS and many diseases.
Our partner organization in Gulu, "The Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda" uses the power of art to raise awareness about abuse and to bring peace to the community. For this purpose, events are organized in which children and young adults may present their kind of art: poetry, drama, dance or music.
People help People - One World supports these events to attract as many people to this initiative, either as a spectator or actor. Take a look at the pictures below:


Some selective actors:


Program for the local community campaign in Unyama sub-county 4thApril 2014



Responsible person

8: ooam

Arrival of the Galaxy Team

All members

8: 00am- 8:30am

Meeting community leaders

All members

8:30am-  9:00am

Distribution of fliers and road run mobilization.

All members and leaders 

9: 00am- 9:30am

Arrival of community members


9: 30am- 10:00am


Community member

10:00am- 10:20am

Welcome remarks from the LCI 


10:20am- 10:40am

Speech from the LCII


10:40am- 11:00am

Speech from the speaker-Unyama sub- county


11:00am- 11:05am

Introduction of galaxy team to community 

James Onono Ojok

11:05am- 11:25am

Speech from Chairman Galaxy team

James Onono Ojok

11:25am- 11:50am

Performance from break dancers

Galaxy dance team

11:50am- 12: 20pm

Performance from community traditional dance group (community care commission women’s group)

Community care commission women’s` dance troop group)

12:20pm- 12:50pm

Poetry performance from the galaxy team

Lamwaka ketty, Atim Sarah, Uma Patrick and Ojok James Onono.

12:50pm- 01:20pm

Testimonies of change from local community people.

Community members

01:20pm- 01: 40pm

Information sharing about reports on GBV, alcoholism, drug abuse and child care and Neglect

Ojok Isaac Newton

01:40pm- 2:40pm

One on one interview with community members.

Ojok Isaac Newton and James Onono Ojok

2:40pm-  3:00pm


Banana Joe

3:00pm-  3:20pm

Closing remarks from LCIII representative.

Speaker Unyama sub-county.



Galaxy team and community


Selected speeches

Local Councilor

Mr. Obote  Benson, the local councilor III of Unyama Briefed the community on the change that is happening in Unyama Sub-county, he said that since the time the first campaign happened in the community of Unyama, the message was retained by most of the community members and that means that there was learning that took place last year”  how extended his most inner gratitude to the youthful galaxy team for bringing such an amazing course towards community change; he said “it is exceptional for youth of these days to do such tremendous thing in a devastated region like in Northern- this is the only uprising youth group who come to the grass root community as far as I know in Northern Uganda.

Northern Uganda is still being affected to date by the war that nearly took two decades, in Unyama Sub County is one that has also been affected. He said that since last year following the campaigns and teaching s that the galaxy team has done in Unyama, there has come exception experience to the surprise of Unyama community, so many youth have changed their lives and there are still more of them changing day and night- the campaign doesn’t only stop with the campaign from the galaxy poets of Northern Uganda, we as leaders continue to make sure that what galaxy team has done continues to be in light as they look for more opportunities of finance to come back every time they can, we shall continue to support them in our various capacities for a bigger change in Northern Uganda. He urged the youth and the community of Unyama to take up the step the galaxy has taken for change or to embrace the struggle so that we work together to change our community for s better tomorrow.

Representative of Sub-County

The speaker represented the chairman LCIII, Mr. Kidega Sam of the sub-county and he extended his gratitude and happiness for the galaxy team coming to Unyama again, on his behalf the speaker said that the Chairman of the sub-county in his message which was conveyed by the speaker he said that people need to look back and forth and then  see how far we have come; with their continued support to help galaxy team achieve their dream he asked the community to be with us in harmony and take the good example that young people of the galaxy team are trying to show.

He made his remarks at the campaign by congratulating the galaxy team for coming back to Unyama for the second time and for working with the local leaders and also for the good mobilization that the galaxy team has done together with local leaders and the community in the sub-county. 

The rate of alcoholism in the sub-county is gradually reducing according to the report from his office, most youth used to spend a lot of time drinking at the bars and shops along the road but with the sensitization by galaxy team and leaders enforcing laws against drinking there has been a steady decrease in alcoholism; the speaker said that it was the impact that the Galaxy poets of Northern Uganda caused that made them to debate an ordinance in the sub-county which was set to help them fight the rate of drinking and alcohol abuse which has caused an increase to rape and defilement and child neglect and abuse in the sub county, the police are also helping them in the fight against gender based violence in the sub-county.

What has changed in Unyama?

The rate of drug abuse has been reduced; we are now fighting hand in hand with the police, some of the drugs which were being used included marijuanamirungiand chewing tobacco.

65% of the youth now have gone back to school but initially most of them were doing only drug abuse in the center and being idle.

Cases of gender violence reported in the sub-county are steadily reducing.

The rate of women drinking in bars has been brought to a minimum level (cases are now very rare)

We have observed tremendous change in the lives of the community members.

What needs to be done?

More community sensitization

Identify and Support talents in the community for creativity development

A more strengthened coordination from time to time



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