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Educational books for all students

Mangi Sabas und Mawella Secondary School

Supply of text books and laboratory equipment

In collaboration with Mathew Tillya and our partner organisation in Tanzania "Community Secondary Education Support" (COSES), we've purchased and supplied text books, sports equipment, maps and globes covering the needs of more than 750 students at Mangi Sabas Secondary and Mawella Secondary School. In addition to that, we've also provided the entire laboratory equipment for Mangi Sabas Secondary School: So far it was only possible to teach Science in a theoretical way. No practical exercises and experiences were possible. Thus all students failed to finish school with excellent exams, no wonder, the grades depend 50% on practical exercises!


Purchase of text books


transport and



Next comes the laboratory equipment:




Secure storage of chemicals in a container and distribution supervised by professional teachers


Preparation of practical exercises


First practical exercises - this is about the smell of a chemical


Some quotes:


Steven Emmanuel Ringo

Steven (14) has been attending school for nine years and has five years of his education left to complete. 

His favourite subject is physics and his goal is to become an engineer when he grows up, as he recognises there’s an engineering skills gap in Tanzania.   

The budding engineer lives with his father, mother and two brothers.His family face the daily challenge of finding enough food to eat and poor household facilities, which unfortunately is common in Tanzania. 

When he’s not in school, he’s busy helping his family out with daily chores or kicking a football around with his friends, another passion of his.

Steven says People help People - One World's help has made a real impact on his life, improving his fitness, wellbeing and overall academic performance at school.



Prisla Stephen Lyimo

Prisla (16) lives with her mum and dad and three brothers. She has been attending school for 11 years. 

Her favourite subject is biology, as it is her dream to become a doctor.

Her family, like many, is dealing with the scarcity of available clean water and Prisla is required to make long, gruelling
journeys to reach her school every day. 

When she’s not in school, she has to help with family duties such as cooking, washing and fetching water
alone, which can pose a safety risk – as well as finding time for homework and reading.

She believes the support of People help People - One World has “helped us to improve my academic performance with effective teaching and learning as well as improving the fitness of me and my fellow students”. 




Matthew Tillya

Mathew Tillya, Director of COSES echoes Prisla’s comment and believes access to education supplies is vital for the future success of the country: “We strongly believe that the future of this country lies in the hands of quality education provided in secondary schools. Science technology subjects are vital subjects for countries, like Tanzania, to develop and bring considerable economic progress, yet the region’s schools don’t have the equipment for pupils to complete the full curriculum and take exams.

The future is bright and we look forward to developing our nation in to the 21st century.

We aim to be remembered as the people who made an effort to develop our country, for our future generations.”




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