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Our actual projects:

Shah Industries Ltd., Moshi


Shah Industries is a sheltered workshop in Moshi. This workshop is a showcase how to run a successful operation employing disabled and Albinos. Of about 30 employees, half are disabled.
In 1971, Shah Industries was founded under the theme "People care about people".

Besides handcrafted leather goods like bags, safari chairs and tables or belts, Shah produces greeting cards, carvings and other African crafts. We've personally visited the shop and the workshop and we were able to see that many disabled people have the chance to earn money to finance besides other things school fees for their children. People Help People - One World supports this initiative by buying crafts at Shah Industries. The products will be offered for sale at events. The earnings from this will flow back into our project work. For more information, please click




Dada – mother nature’s sisters

Dada – mother nature’s sisters

Dada is a womens cooperation on Zanzibar (Tanzania), which specializes on the production of healthy food and cosmetics.
We buy soap, coffee and tea at Dada. These products are on sale at events and the proceeds return to our active project work.
Dada is a project by Solarafrica Network and has the social target to offer women an employment in the north of Unguja Island. Dada trains women in food processing, e.g. fruit and spice drying, preparation of jam and snacks as well as soap production.
The raw materials are sourced locally and processed using energy-conserving methods, e.g. solar cookers and ovens as well as solar dryers.
For further information: www.dadazanzibar.wordpress.com

Moto Handicrafts

Moto Handicrafts

With the purchase of goods, such as baskets, bags, matting and accessories we support a womens cooperative on Zanzibar (Tanzania). More than 100 people, mostly women, have the opportunity to earn money in the Moto network. 
Moto products are unique originals, crafted by skilled people. The products are hand-made from 100% natural raw materials: Palm leafs and cotton. Solar cookers and energy saving stoves are used in the production process.
With the purchase of these goods we support the ancient Swahili tradition of weaving, the local trade community and contribute to a sustainable local economy.
People help People – One World sell the Moto goods e.g. on the Market of Nations and the Christmas Market in Idstein. Here as well the proceeds are returned 100% to our projects. 
For further information: www.motozanzibar.wordpress.com

Kica Emmanuel


This boy is called Kica Emmanuel, he is 13 years of age. Emmanuel studies at St. Kizito Bidati Primary School in Anaka town council in Nwoya district in Northern Uganda. Being an Albino, Emmanuel who is said to be bright, is badly affected by the sun heat. He can't afford a pair of shoes, spectacles and a better cap. He walks 3 KM on barefoot to school, he moves on foot and has to manage different challenges. His father, Ojara Bazil who is 50 years of age happens to be a peasant farmer who told us that Emmanuel needs an eye glass to correct his sight, he can’t afford including many other necessities. People Help People - One World has joined this course to ensure that Emmanuel never move on foot again and his fees are settled.

Kica Emmanuel moved from his home in Nwoya together with his father Ojera Bazil to Gulu town with a major aim to see an eye doctor who is to determine what sightedness problem Emmanuel has. Recommending an appropriate glass for him so that his challenge of sitting too close to the blackboard in class is settled. 

Also through the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda, Emmanuel was able to storm 102, Mega Fm in Gulu where the Radio Station supported him with a school bag, exercise books and a math set.


Emmanuel declared at the Radio that he wants to be a doctor because he loves sciences; Emmanuel who is in Primary five always grabs the first position in class.

Gulu main hospital Ophathalmogy eye specialist Dr Watmon Ben released a medical report after Examining Kica Emmanuel. 
The Report Reveals that Kica Emmanuel has a very high shortsightedness, sadly that cannot be corrected but will require him to get a low vision aid just to help him magnify letters while reading or seeing the black board.

Dr Watmon said Emmanuel has about 5 different complications with his eyes beginning with the fear of the light which is natural with all Albinos and there is a complication also with his Macular and the Nerve that connects the brain is also abnormal.

The Doctor said it is a problem right from birth.

That there are only 3 eye clinics in Uganda that can help Kica to get a low vision aid where he named Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Ruharo hospital in Mbarara and St Benedictine eye hospital in Tororo hospital.


Next, Kica Emmanuel the 14 year old Albino Kid from Nwoya visited Tororo eye clinic to see that he gets the low vision aid as recommended in August 2014, by Dr Watmon. They went on a bus to Eastern Uganda in Tororo district which means the distance from Gulu to there of about 412km. 


Later Kica Emmanuel and his father returned from St Benedict eye clinic in Tororo district with 3 pairs of low vision aid as earlier recommended by Dr Watmon Gulu regional referral eye specialist.

One he will use for moving around the other one he will use for seeing the blackboard only and the third one will help him to magnify letters during exams.


Finally he is best prepared to work on his dream, with a new pair of shoes, a cap and a bicycle too.


Msiriwa Secondary School, the pilot scheme of the COSES project


Msiriwa Secondary School


More than 3.000 children will get the chance to attend to the secondary school in the Uru district. The Msiriwa Secondary School is a pilot scheme, to set up 7 further secondary schools at the foot of the Kilimanjaro.

Locations of our projects in the Kilimanjaro region

Standorte unserer aktuellen Projekte

1 Msiriwa Secondary School (Pilotprojekt)
2 Mruwia Secondary School
3 Mangi Sabbas Secondary School
4 Mawella Secondary School
5 Mnin Secondary School
6 Shimbwe Secondary School
7 Kisarika Secondary School

8 Msareni Primary School
9 Ludao Day Care Centre




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