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Our partners
For the accomplishment of our projects we cooperate with the following partners (in alphabetical order): 

Amani Children's Home (Tanzania)

For over 10 years, Amani Children’s Home has been dedicated to the protection of Tanzania’s most vulnerable population: street children. Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, was founded by Tanzanians, and over the course of the past decade has rescued hundreds of children from the perils of life on the streets, where they face numerous dangers including malnutrition and abuse. Amani provides healthy food, education, counseling and medical care for every street child who turns to us for help. When possible, children are reunified with (extended) families.




BENGO the counseling office for private entities in development cooperation.

is the German abbreviation for consulting and NGO stands for nongovernmental organization.
BENGO helps us on public funding sources such as BMZ to implement projects in developing countries.



COSES (Tanzania)

The organization COSES (Community Secondary Education Support) plans to construct and comple a total of 7 secondary schools for 3,000 students in Uru (Moshi Rural district), through close cooperation with People help People - One World.
For more information about this NGO (Non Government Organisation),
pls. click here.



FIDA - Friends In Development Association (Tanzania)

The Friends In Development Association (FIDA) was founded in the town of Moshi on June, 4th 1990. FIDA is an independent registered charity (non-governmental organization). The board consists of 8 members who are actively supported by 40 active members of all professions. Since 1990, People Help People - One World and FIDA have collaboratively and successfully finished 4 development projects in total.



Power Minds Youth Organisation (Uganda)

Power Minds Youth is a non profit making Community based youth driven Organization dedicated to improving the livelihood and well being of disadvantaged youth and their families and speak out for greater justice of the youth on the Community level. It was established by the youth and for the youth aged 15 to 35 years mainly to focus on:
Poverty reduction among the youth and their communities,High levels of unemployment,Skills development,Reduction of illiteracy,Preservation of the environment,Safe drinking water in the Communities,Child labour,Solid waste management in the communities,Needy youth,ICT/IT development among the youth,HIV/AIDS,High school drop-outs.



Rural Development Network (Tanzania)

It's the aim of RUN and Emburis Education Center to improve the personal living conditions by creating an independent and self-determined life, particularly of women living in the village of Mikocheni. Focus lays on grassroots education and sustainable programs.


The Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda

  • The Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda is the radical up-rise of Young talented writers who are up in the post war conflict Northern Uganda to send out educative messages to the grassroots population through,Drama,plays and Poetry,Songs among others.





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